Features of Insta-Therm 

Easy Installation

Low Maintenance

Long Dependable Life

Instantaneous Heat Delivery


Within 20 seconds after ignition, burner produces temperatures of 1800-2000 F degrees.  Turn Insta-Therm off, and burner surface is immediately cool to the touch.


Operating in three different modes:  Radiant, Radiant/Convection and Convection without any loss in effectiveness.

Just remove the old burners and slide in Insta-Therm Metal Fiber Burner.  Keep existing boiler safety controls and running interlocks.  Interface boiler with new ignition Control Panel.

Insta-Therm has been tested extensively and proven trouble free under the most demanding conditions.

Any qualified maintenance person will be able to service your boiler combustion system.  If environment is dusty an air filter is recommended.

Improved Efficiency


Operating cost can be cut by up to 12% with Insta-Therm superior utilization capabilities.

Replacement Burners
Different styles available 

Ajax Pod Burners (and other styles available)

Parker Burner Element

ST Johnson Burner Element

Custom burners for different applications of furnaces and boilers.  


For example:

  • Ajax Pod Burners

  • ST Johnson Burner Elements

  • Parker Boiler Elements

Burners Sales, Service, & Installation

For Atmospheric Boilers

Insta-Therm    Metal Fiber Burner System
Guaranteed to BACT requirements and SCAQMD/ APCD Low NOx Requirements!
  • Guaranteed to meet SCAQMD/APCD 12ppm Low NOx Requirements

  • Cuts Fuel Costs

  • Easy Installation

  • Works for 100,000-8 Million BTU/H Boilers

  • Low NOx Solutions

    • Atmospheric Boilers​

    • Force Draft Boilers

    • Insta-Therm Burners

  • Replacement Burners

  • Pipe-fitting - boiler piping and valves

  • Boiler Annual and Semi-Annual and Maintenance

Rite Boiler
  • Boilers

  • Water Heaters

  • Aluminum Melters

  • Heat Treat Furnances

  • Commercial Ovens

  • Space Heating

  • Paint Drying Equipment, all with great success

Customizable for your Specific Applications

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